Preserving our natural heritage.

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Green Belts

The Overstrand Municipality will strive in partnership with the local community to conserve, sustain and maintain the natural Green Belt System environment of Vermont for the benefit and enjoyment of present and future generations. The green belts make up 22% of Vermont.

Coastal Zone & Path

The Vermont Coastal Path follows the natural coastal zone and links up with the Onrus Coastal Path about 100 m east of the Jan Rabie Tidal Pool. The path stretches from the pool to the secluded Brekfis Bay beach on the western end of the Vermont coast. It provides a comfortable walking trail network of approximately 2,2 km along an everchanging coast of spectacular beauty.

Salt Pan

Every winter the Vermont Saltpan provides a temporary shelter and feeding place for large numbers of Greater Flamingoes.

Get Involved

Vermonters are encouraged to get involved. Picking up a litter and pulling out alien invasive vegetation are just two easy ways to help Vermont maintain is natural splendour. - Read More about Vermont in the local newspaper The Vermonter - Donate a Tile - Donate to the trust - Report a sighting - Send us photos - Bequests

“To promote the conservation of the Vermont Green Belt System and its associated ecological processes and to inculcate a passion from Vermonters to participate in this process” Mission