Boardwalk Renovated



BoardwalkThe  photographs show the renovations that were undertaken on portions of the Brekfis Bay / Hes se Gang boardwalk in Vermont. The old boardwalk was in a poor condition after having been erected some 10 to 15 years ago. Thanks are due to the Overstrand Municipality and the national Working for the Coast Programme. The municipal funding was provided from the  Ward 13 annual funding allocation (2012/2013) for materials  while Working for the Coast provided the skilled labour. More repairs will be done as funding becomes available The boardwalk is part of the Vermont Coastal Path System which will eventually be extended down through the dunes to link up with the concrete path at the coast that leads to the Onrus coastal area. The planks on the renovated section have been placed closer together to make it safer and more comfortable for smaller dogs being taken for a walk (on a leash as per our by-laws). The Vermont Coastal Path has become very popular and is used by many thousands of people every year. This high usage rate necessitated the formalisation of the path with a hard surface of concrete or planking to prevent the path being eroded by much trampling, water and the wind. It is an environmentally friendly manner to protect the coastal zone from being degraded.

Should you be  wondering why certain sections of the coastal path have inexplicable gaps in it (e.g. between the Bietou coastal parking area and the Jan Rabie Tidal Pool) – the reason is that the municipality must still obtain ‘environmental authorisation’ from the Provincial Department of Environmental Affairs and Planning to proceed with boardwalks or pathways across these sections. Once this has been received, we will have to find the funds for it  – you can help us help the municipality to complete and maintain the coastal path by purchasing your own tile for the path. For more information contact Retha at 072 548 4811.