Tick Berry Bush / Biete Bos

Bietoubos, Bietoubessie or Bush Tick Berry

(Chrysanthemoides monilifera)


A quick growing indigenous bush up to 2 metres high covered with striking  bright yellow daisy-like flowers at this time of the year. A pioneer plant growing quickly to cover denuded coastal areas. Useful and attractive coastal garden shrub requiring very little water but is short-lived (up to 10 years) and will have to be replaced from time to time. The ripe (brown) fruits are edible and juicy with a hard kernel. They attract a variety of fruit-eating birds. Their salty sweet taste is an aquired taste for some. Historically they were sort after food items for the Khoisan hunter-gatherer people that first inhabited this coastline.

(Food from the Veld: Edible Wild Plants of Southern Africa 1982 – Delta Books)